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  • I do have ideas for the long game of them visiting at least 4-5 major cities / caerns to act as kind of hubs where they will resolve some conflicts and get the clues necessary to move to the next location. Eventually leading up to finding a place of power that is being unknowingly corrupted by researchers using Pentex manufactured gear and security provided by a Pentex owned security firm staffed with fomori and BSD, that should the players get that far and be successful in eliminating, get to start a new caern. I've got ideas for some recurring enemy NPCs that they'll run across with a couple...
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  • How well would a campaign for two work?

    How hard is it / would it be to tailor a short campaign to two players? I have a D&D group I've been playing with and decided I wanted to introduce them to the WtA. It's been nearly 18 years since I last played it so I'm a bit out of practice. If this is successful, and they have fun, I would either expand the campaign or start up another one with additional players, I just want to start off small first so I'm only boring 2 people instead of 5 or 6 if it doesn't work out. I expect I will probably have to play a character as well to balance it out a bit, depending on what they end up making....
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