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  • Thanks! I'm grateful for your vote of confidence --- I'll be introducing this to my players tonight! As to your points:
    • The Target is actually Moderate, for no modifier: the Detection Project is looking for Projects that target the coterie, which counts as "a group of Kindred". (If the Detection Project were to have an Unlimited Target, it would be searching for any and all Projects going on in the city, regardless of who or what they're aimed at.)
    • You know, at some point I had the minimum/maximum in there, but it got left out of the final draft. The rule is a minimum Scope of
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  • I like that! I've come up with a rough idea for a system that satisfies my need for crunch I'd love to hear what you think!

    I think the general structure is sound, but I'm still getting comfortable with the dice system in V5 and I'm not sure whether I've made the difficulty too high. As I said at the outset, I want a system that forces interesting and difficult choices on my players, prompting them to take actions to mitigate their hardships (e.g. maybe they decide to scout around Elysium for a bit, in hopes of learning something that will let them comfortably narrow...
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  • [VTM5] Help Expanding the Mechanics for Detecting the "Projects" of NPCs?

    I absolutely adore the Projects rules (in the second Appendix of Vampire: the Masquerade 5th edition), and am working on a Chronicle that I hope will be driven largely by Projects.

    I've prepared a variety of NPC "agencies" (a catch-all term for individuals and groups with the capacity to launch Projects of their own, and interfere with the Projects of the PC's), and I want to build an interface between the Project rules, and the general Storyteller style of having a "living city" where the NPCs pursue their own goals.

    Unfortunately, while the core...
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