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  • Thank you all for the suggestions, they help me a lot.

    I will definitely check out this one.

    Thank you.
    Well, I have some laying around here and I make new ones now and then (I drew AnubisXy‘s awesome rainbow rice ) but I don‘t have them online. (I thought they would be a nice, little addition to the thread but never thought other people would be interested in them on their own.)


    Your advice is very helpful! I think I have to work out some nice things and I really like your ideas and...
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  • Improvised Storytelling - Experiences and Ideas (?)

    (First I want to apologise if a similar thread exist. I couldn‘t find one.)

    When I first started storytelling I made elaborated plans, trying to cover all options my group could ever make (or so I thought). It didn't work out and finally I threw my notes out of the window and started improvising. This worked out well so far … at least most of the time. When we have an arc running I am usually able to come up with good (enough) and reasonable ideas but there are situations from time to time when I feel a little bit lost.

    One of these situations is combat. Somehow combat...
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  • Piri-Piri
    replied to Exalted Forum Introduction Thread
    Hello World!
    I’m a history student as well as a hobby artist and conlanger. I’ve been playing Exalted with my micro-group for quite some time now. I hope to find new ideas and inspirations for our game(s) and meet interesting people on this forum.
    Sadly my English is not the best when writing or speaking, but my understanding of it is quite good. Please forgive me the mistakes I may make in the future and feel free to point them out to me.

    And in the case you are wondering whatpiri piri” means, it’s the sound of frying tempura. :)
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