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  • @AnubisXy: I know next to nothing about Changeling or how the various fey work in that system, but I do like the idea of there being some kind of nightmare (or capital-N Nightmare) living beneath the swamp that the Robicheaus are actually cultivating. Perhaps there's a powerful node or caern or Other Unspecified Source of Mojo (TM) under the swamp, and by cultivating a palpable sense of dread around the place, those damn Robicheau boys are hoping to scare interlopers away. (Yes, it's a Scooby Doo plot writ large, and yes, I'm 100% okay with that in a tabletop RPG.) One of my favorite elements...
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  • What Tribe Should These Antagonists Belong To?

    I'm gearing up to run a game of Werewolf set in the Gulf Coast in the 1960s. There's going to be a big "Southern Gothic"/"Dirty South"/"Swamps and Mansions" sort of feel to it. One group of antagonists the pack is set to encounter is a pack of Garou that have taken over a small town in rural Louisiana. “If you ever find yourself down in Henderson, Louisiana," the rumor says, "do yourself a favor and steer clear of those Robicheau boys. That whole rotten family's been cavorting with all manner of unwholesome things in that swamp since before the Civil...
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