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  • balwin
    replied to Ask the Devs
    I have a question about Anima Effects.
    Can a character trigger an anima effect without having a visible anima, if the text don't explicitly talk about a specific animal level? So can a Solar just pay X personal mots to get the effect (like reset outstanding charm conditions for Dawn, supplements an attack against creature of darkness for Zenith, etc) without flaring the anima? And when can a Dawn adds half her essence for intimidation rolls? Every time (even when the other person isn't aware that the character is a solar exalted), only when the opponent knows this is a solar exalted/anathema/something...
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  • On page 13 in the chapter "Movements and Ranges During Combat" in the paragraph about close range the last sentence says: "Many fights can take place entirely at short range, making tracking movement unnecessary." I think it should say "...close range ..."....
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  • Page 46 (Volfers character sheet): In the weapons section the damage listed only the bonus dice for the weapon. In all the other character sheets there is also the final sum of the damage dice (in the brackets). This is missing for Volfers character sheet....
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