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  • I agree it's more likely his views were complicated, but it's not really clear what form they took in that regard. While the satire argument is not super-well supported, it does successfully point out that The Prince is a deeply strange volume for Machiavelli to write. It's not just that Machiavelli was a life-long republican, it's that he's a life-long republican who really did not like principalities or princes, and articulated that in his writings both before and after The Prince. That he would write an argument seemingly in favor of Principalities, and deeply suspect of the wisdom of populations,...
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  • Can you talk a bit about how you found The Prince to be non-useful? I was thumbing through my copy and almost every page struck me as really useful both as someone designing scenarios (his advise on colonies works pretty well for designing dungeons and other villain infrastructure) and running characters (far too few of my Ventrue, for all their supposed political savvy, really value being able to shoot their way out of a deal gone bad).
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