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  • Fluff-wise it depends on the where. System wise... they're pretty much all overwritten at this point.

    The later old material is probably going to be overwritten less as times goes on; the earlier material had some consistency issues as the Scarred Lands was shaping up (though some of the early stuff was also very, very good, like Mithril and Hollowfaust).
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  • Some good places to start are Mithril: City of the Golem, the Fangsfall Peninsula, and Shelzar, depending on the tone you want to take. Each of those areas provides you with some benefits: for instance, Mithril places you in "friendly-ish" territory with Vesh right around the corner, but still provides you some significant threats from the Proud and other things. Fangsfall is a pretty neat area to roll about, but is also somewhat isolated from other parts of Ghelspad. Shelzar can get you some interesting Arabian Nights feel.

    Hollowfaust can also be a great place to go if...
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  • On the Ukrudan Desert, you can check out the old Vigil Watch: Asaatthi. However, I'll warn you that the section on the swamp is pretty much all replaced in the newer fluff from the Player's Guide to Ghelspad.

    Of course... I have it on good authority that there MAY be an appendix dedicated to the Ukrudan Desert in one of the upcoming adventure modules.
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