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  • Psyclus
    replied to Pre-Divine War map
    Oh man... those bring back good memories! =)

    Thanks for finding those.
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  • I've run them several times. They definitely show their age as there are some minor setting inconsistencies with tone that was set out later (by the same author when he became line director, so I forgive Joe Carriker).

    There were a few things in Serpent in the Fold I would be wary of, especially in the early section with the Taurosphinx, as combined with Chardun's recording popping in in Serpent Amphora, you can end up with the gods looking TOO active in the wrong way. Also, be warned that there is a severe lack of any kind of treasure in those modules (outside of Huriki the Air Sword,...
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  • I know nothing of the future state at the moment, but I am also hoping we get to dive into that more too. =)
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  • I was particularly happy with the job I did writing up the Companion of Idra, so glad you like it. =)

    I was somewhat picturing Inara from Firefly as the type of Cleric that Idra would be most likely to have, but wanted to clarify that really any sort of social time (not just Idra's favorite form of worship) would be the kind of face-time that an Idraian cleric could both mine for secrets and be a great boon to his or her friends.

    The Gold Knight was one I struggled with for a while. In 3.5, the Gold Knight was a healing Paladin, and I was trying to retain some of that...
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