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  • Psyclus
    replied to Lesser Known Gods Domains (5e)
    Hmm... as I think abou tit, Elamash and Subastas... I wonder if, in the new scheme of things, they make for Lesser Titans more than Demigods (rigorous theological debate on the essence of divinity and what makes a demigod as opposed to a Titan GO!).

    That's a pretty good list. Elamash definitely doesn't seem to fit the current 5E domains. For Immatuk, I think Knowledge does fit a bit better than Magic, as wizardry was described as "by extension" for her.

    Sarhari is a... strange one. She should almost have Life based on her role as custodian of the soul.
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  • Psyclus
    started a topic Lesser Known Gods Domains (5e)

    Lesser Known Gods Domains (5e)

    So Strange Lands has a number of deities. Especially in Asherak.

    Any thoughts on what domains those gods would have?
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  • Psyclus
    replied to Nemorga's 5E Domain
    Absent something from the staff, I would say the Judgment domain fits Nemorga better than Life. His symbol includes scales (iirc) and he's more concerned with being the impartial arbiter of death, in the TRUE neutral sense of death does not play favorites. He exists only to provide an absolute to be measured.
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