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  • That's a very good point!

    Say a King who worships Chardun wants a strong baby boy... he's going to pray to Madriel.

    Say a Paladin knows he's going to have to lead an army against a tyrant... he's going to pray to Chardun as the Great General to give him the wisdom to win this battle, even as he prays to Corean for the valor and courage to defend his men and women.
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  • Psyclus
    replied to Scarred Lands at Gencon
    So here's hoping we see more Scarred Lands at 2019 Gencon!
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  • Take a breath. All is good.

    Since you mentioned firearms, I'm assuming you're doing Pathfinder. If not, then the references here are somewhat invalid:

    Now the Ghelspad PG has a sidebar mentioning the Gunslinger. They are virtually unknown in the present setting of Ghelspad, BUT there are rumors of some sort of fire-breathing metal-spewing weapons from the Dragon Lands. The Dragon Lands are far, far to the east and south, past the Blood Sea. They are where nearly all the dragons went after they retreated from the world and have a big psuedo-Japanese feel. (So some possible...
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  • Focus on the things that make the setting unique - the gods and the titans and how they directly interact with the world around you. That range of mountains isn't just some-place that grew up over time. It's that craggy and crappy because Gormoth was thrown into it kicking and screaming.

    Fangsfall has a weird look to it not because of it's architectural style but because of its architectural enamel (most of the buildings are made from "rock" quarried from Gaurak's tooth nearby). That helps establish a bit of the "feel." There's weird, screwed up weather because...
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