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  • mateusdragon
    replied to Mages and Soak Damage
    Thanks for the explanation, people o/ ...
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  • mateusdragon
    started a topic Mages and Soak Damage

    Mages and Soak Damage

    Hey people,
    In How Do You Do That?, specifically in Martial Arts chapter, they say a Mage can soak lethal and aggravated damage using Life 3. So, my doubt is, how would work? The Mage with Martial Arts and Life 3 possess now the passive ability to soak lethal damage with stamina like a vampire? Or would be a magickal effect with a roll of Arete? Please, my group really didn't get it how it works.
    Thank you all, already
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  • mateusdragon
    replied to A Very Newbie Question
    Wow, thank you, spacecat! You really helped. Thank you so much, now the cabal can go ahead
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  • mateusdragon
    started a topic A Very Newbie Question

    A Very Newbie Question

    Hey guys, my group will start a Mage campaign and everything was working well until we get a question that stole us a one hour:

    Damage and Duration

    When someone uses for example a Fireball he need 3 sucesses, he had Arete 4 and had 4 sucesses. Soooo, he make the fireball with 3 sucesses and causes 6 of damage and the other sucess go to the duration or magics focus on damage don't need duration? They just inflict the damage and period? So in that case the fireball deals 8 of damage? Or he need to use sucesses in duration for the damage have a duration?
    I know is...
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