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  • That's basically what I meant. The secondary legacy flavours the primary, so characters behave in different ways. An Omega would still be an Omega, but they way this is expressed depends on the second legacy.

    Banality Triggers are another problem I haven't yet thought about. But sure, they could make things difficult for Thallain who want to be members in a more "classical" kithain motley. So only certain types of Thallain would probably even consider doing this. A childling searching new places to sully them, new things to break them. A wilder searching for new ways to...
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  • C20 states that thallain will always have their Nightmare legacy as their primal legacy, they're bound to nightmares and can use their second legacy merely to circumvent the taboos their nightmare legacy imposes on them. This means, their second legacy would only be a personality flavour on the nightmare-archetype they represent.

    Personally, I still don't like how thallain work in C20. The fluff states that thallain are a great threat and sometimes it seems like they could move freely in changeling society, but then they are so obviously different than their kithain cousins and some...
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