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  • TheVarulfen
    replied to New Storyteller
    What are your general plans? Do you know, if your playing a Technocracy, Traditions or Orphan game? How many players do you have? Do you have any ideas of how the player characters will be like (personalities, Convention/Tradition, anything)?
    Without at least one of this, there's not much helping to do.
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  • First teams shouldn't be easy target dummies for garou. They should force your players packs to prepare a situation, where the Team can be beaten. Maybe the first time, they will be somewhat nerved or something happens to save the pack, but from there on, whenever a First Team happens to be around, your players characters should tread carefully.
    Normally, I'd say not every NPC has to be perfectly equipped to deal with your PCs, but in this case, they actually are.
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