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  • That's the first misconception. Sure, werewolves are made to fight but the game is actually about why always fighting is a bad idea. Just because one gift is powerful in certain situations not everyone will have to take it. Werewolves are good fighters regardless of this single gift.
    The second misconception is that you want to compare splats. Werewolves ARE made to fight and mages are not. You can use that Rote (Procedure) described above in the thread but that's just a reaction to a situation, so it probably must be fast-cast anyways. A mage could cast a lingering "fast reflexes"...
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  • There are many ways to actually accomplish this. Just because there is no written Rote doesn't mean you can't think up a spell for something. That's the whole point of Mage's magic system, isn't it?

    However, the character would have to cast that spell in advance (or maybe wear wonder with a passive +initiative effect) to really profit from this, or else they would waste at least the first turn of combat by casting something that could give them the edge in speed. Also, just because a gift exists that enhances initiative for werewolves, doesn't mean it's a benchmark for that splat!...
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