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  • TheVarulfen
    replied to Spellcasting Revised
    I like how well thought out and detailed this system is. Also, it's actually nice to have all rules in one place (rather than split among multiple chapters, like in the rulebook).
    Now, there is a lot I'm already doing like described above, but some things are new and I will probably bring them in in my games.

    Nice work, keep it up!
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  • Instead of adding Soak dice, I'd have ruled the force field to reduce successes on the attack rolls against the mage. Maybe I'd go even further, giving them only as many "repel" dice, as the player would invest into the strength of the effect. This way, it is not a perfect no-weight armor but the minor protection spell a Forces 2 effect should be.
    Forces 3 or higher could potentially repel entire attacks or even throw them back at the attackers (with 4, possibly - if the effect cancels all the successes of the attack).

    Edit: As a rule of thumb: A lasting effect shouldn't...
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  • Interesting thought. Now, True Faith is one of those things I believe everyone has a different take on.
    It basically is the idea that you follow a religious creed with personal sincereness and investment. You actually believe what you do is what your god(s) want and it is at least so much in line with that religions morals and creeds, that it profits from the collective thought put into this religion. (I'm coming from a Mage-y perspective here.) So having a rather fundamentalist christian view, that regards supernaturals, especially Fae as demons is possible and would not violate my headcannon....
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  • M20 did this in regards to the "Well skilled craftsman" optional rule, where some abilities already started out with one specialty regardless of their value.
    They recommended the ST to let their player buy additional specialties once the ability values were 4 or higher, I think at the cost of 4 exp each. Of course only with the STs permission.
    These abilities were things like Craft. You can potentially craft a lot of stuff, but tailoring is something inherently different then mechanics, so the thought was to specialize early and gain additional specialties later on.
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