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  • Tis a pleasure! Now then, without further ado...

    Kraina of the Nightmares

    Every great voivode is an absolute lord of their land and all that trods upon it, living or dead. For some kolduns, this is not enough; even that which dwells on the other side of reality is subject to their will should it dare to tread in their tirsa. Masters of this kraina have learned to spend vitae to reach from the other side of the Dreaming and bend the otherworldly creatures there to their will. Practicioners of this Kraina also often know the Kraina of the Denizens (see my above post), but...
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  • Sure! I've also got another one in mind regarding Nightmares (basically magical creatures of the Dreaming) that may be of interest, if you wish!...
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  • So, Adhenes are the different types of Denizen or Dark Kin. Basically, unlike Changelings that are one foot in each world, the Denizens are all Dreaming, and only interact with our normal world through possession or manifestation for brief times, closer to how we think of wraiths or demons.

    An interesting kraina or way would be something about manifesting the abilities of these adhenes, which really would fit thematically with the bargaining nature of koldunism; the koldun is reaping a benefit while the adhenes gets to enjoy the ride. (Note: it's written in C20 that adhenes actually...
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    Last edited by SandCarlyle; 11-03-2018, 04:38 AM. Reason: Too many ideas coming in the wee hours.

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  • Do you think perhaps the adhenes would be a good match for this? Just shooting things out here, but especially given how they are wholly of the Dreaming rather than walking both worlds like Changelings, it'd feel very thematically appropriate....
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