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  • I am relying on the part of "Coteries Without Domains", page 196 of V5 book, which says:

    If I understand that part well, the new edition considers that a domain-free coterie would have to apply for a temporary permit to hunt elsewhere until a territory is defined for them. That is, limiting legal hunting to their domain.

    The old editions predicted only that the vampire had hunting exclusivity in his domain, but it seems that the new edition decided to change this logic.

    Of course I may disregard this guideline, but my fear is that...
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  • The main problem I see is the issue of territory.

    Unless I get it wrong, now vampires can only hunt within their domain and there is a whole point-building system in these areas (chasse, portillon and lien), plus extra background points.

    Hunting outside this domain, except with special permission, is considered poaching, which is a serious crime.

    What I want is to run a chronicle in which the characters are only situationally associated (as in the old editions), but without harming the characters mechanically.

    My question is if I remove the mechanical...
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  • The idea is not to be a solo game, but to have several characters, but without them being part of a coterie and have shared territory and goals.

    I want to play like in the old days, where, although there was the idea of ​​coterie, it was not mandatory nor linked to the mechanics....
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  • Mark Logan
    started a topic [V5] Playing without coterie

    [V5] Playing without coterie

    Although the rules are not bad when it comes to coteries, I don't like the idea that they are practically mandatory in the game, as I think they limit the kinds of stories that can be told, as the game predicts that the characters will be a group. united with a common territory and mission.

    My question is, would removing the mechanical part of the coterie disrupt the equilibrium of the system? Does anyone already play without using this system? If so, how has the experience been?

    My main fear is that the coterie system gives additional background points and also defines...
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