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  • o thank god, as i got very very worried about that. you see i was under the assumption i needed to pay for the past dots. in short to raise it from anything from 2 to 3. it would require me to pay for the first and second dot as well. and thus i kept getting very very high and daunting numbers. hell one of them was in the thousands. so it felt like i was not going to achieve anything in a short period of time.

    needless to say i am happy i was wrong.
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  • How many Beets do you typcialy make in a session?

    well after doing some of the math. i have kinda come to the conclusion that this game is intended to take years of dedicated play to achieve anything. this is related to how beets work and the fact that they were intended to make things take 5 times as long as you normally would in CWOD.

    so my question is how many beets do you typcialy earn in a single say 5 hour session? \
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  • rman88
    replied to Size 176
    i know i been wondering this as i have a giant beast with looming pressman. giving him a base 5 size +1 for giant merit + 10 for looming presence. now clyclopain strength allows him to lift in theory and object the size of 176. or 11 x 16. thou i have no idea what an object that size would be.
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