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  • I believe there is a typo in that part, the tilt is actually called "Pinned". It's on page 143....
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  • Page 89 in CoD rulebook

    So I believe the one that manages to break the grapple can do their action (but no movement?), the loser loses their turn, for that round. Seems like the winner has their action at that initiative point for that round, but goes back to their normal initiative on later rounds.

    Also with an exceptional success I think you can do the damage maneuver, then use break free, then attack with a normal attack....
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  • Using Tongue of Flame with Purity 3 --> Influence level 3. Able to control fire. How would you use this in combat? I'm imagining it basically being like a firebender from Avatar, being able to move existing fire along flammable materials and even probably short distances over air to spread the fire. I assume the fire that is directly under your control will not burn the user, but stuff that has previously caught fire will have normal fire on it and will burn you.

    What would you use as a limit in combat for how far/much fire you can control? Maybe base it on Willpower (Resolve+Composure)...
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  • My understanding is, that the move action that is done as an interruption, is only your normal speed at most. Unless you use a second blood to make it 2xSpeed. So 2 blood potency is needed.

    Reflexive actions can be done at any time even without Celerity. They cost no time and can be done even on an enemy's turn. Healing with blood is a reflexive and so is stuff like the Resilience discipline. So you can lessen damage even after attack dice have been rolled.

    As far as I'm aware, a Celerity action does not impede your normal turn, so it's the only thing that allows you...
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