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  • Thanks Terrorforge, that was informative.

    4. So the Mages don't really have a dedicated organization that deals with mages-gone-bad (like Wardens in Dresden Files), rather they would likely send a group of more local mages to investigate (basically player PCs if playing Mage)?

    5. And they would be more local-based, Mages don't regularly use supernatural means to cross distances, more likely to arrive by car than a dimensional portal?

    6. What do Mages roll when trying to do damage with magic? What would be a reasonable dice pool for a fairly experienced...
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  • Werewolf ST looking for help with using Mages

    I'm running a Werewolf game and had some sort of evil Mage as an antagonist, leading a cult of Worm blood addicted people\creatures. I had planned him being just a passing villain for the players to deal with, but during the session crap hit the fan and the players chose to flee for now.

    I don't plan on Mages being in a large role, but if the players return to the scene of the crime, I wanted to be better prepared. I've read parts but Mage is hard for my brain to understand so rather than buy the core book and muddling through it, I'd love some basic ideas from you experts.
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  • That is good to know, so my gut feeling that it should take close to an hours interval before you can go into Gauru voluntarily was not without merit.

    If you have used Gauru in a Scene already, you can't go into Gauru again no matter how much you want to, right? The exception would be going into Basu-Im, which you don't have conscious control over, you need a trigger for it to happen?

    What about the Wolf Gift Father's Form? Would you be unable to use it, or could you use it and instantly be forced into Kuruth if you attack or suffer Purity amount in Lethal?...
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  • Do any of you have a house rule / rule-of-thumb for how much time has to go by for a werewolf to be able to take Gauru form again? It's once per scene, but of course a Scene can last from anywhere between 1 minute to 10 hours and also, what if the Scene changes 1 minute after they already took Gauru form?

    I had this come up in our game on Saturday where they fought a tough enemy and after it was defeated, the Rahu of the group dove in to the water alone and started swimming outside the cave they were in. The rest stayed behind to investigate and loot while he arrived on the Ocean...
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  • I do admit that the way my group plays Werewolf is most likely very different than how it's "supposed" to be played, it's more combat focused and the horror tends to come from threats to the player characters themselves, since they are more the "murder hobo" stereotype, with having no one they care about other than each other. So for this kind of game, downgrading to lethal seems to work better.

    Since Spirits have Corpus of Resistance+Size and size can be anything, even a high ranking spirit might only have 10 Corpus. Average human has 7, which could translate...
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  • Does anyone know how this worked in First Edition? Was just wondering if it was the same there of if it was something different.

    I find it weird that something as integral to the whole game, Spirits and how threatening they are to werewolves, has been left to a throwaway line in a sidebar text that is open to all kinds of interpretation. The only thing that is specifically said, without interpretation clouding it, is that WW deal lethal to vampires and spirits downgrade lethal to bashing.

    The books talk about humans how they are weak individually, threat in numbers (that's...
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  • Oh, I see now. The two words Manifested and Materialized were too similar and got mixed together in my head. Didn't register that they were not in fact the same thing.

    But it says "Physical attacks on a Manifest spirit, or one in the Hisil, that would normally cause lethal damage only cause bashing damage unless the attack utilizes the spirit’s bane." and Materialize is a Manifestations, doesn't that mean it is Manifest if it is Materialized?

    "Even a spirit that’s solid to its attacker doesn’t have any internal organs to injure."...
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  • I, on the other hand, say they cause bashing damage. Predator's Jaws just seems to me to be just a way to try make vampires less dangerous to werewolves since they can use blood to heal bashing damage so easily (lethal less so).

    Page 98:
    Uratha bite to kill. Their teeth carry the deadly resonance of Father Wolf, the ultimate hunter. As such, their bites in every form count as mystical sources to foes that are vulnerable to such sources. Even in Hishu, a werewolf’s bite causes lethal damage to vampires."

    So, in fact it does not say explicitly they always cause...
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