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  • Awe Numina. "The spirit causes terror in anyone who can see it... Anyone gaining fewer successes than the spirit is unable to move and speak...."

    What does this actually mean? The spirit is unable to choose to who is affected or not? So even spirits allied to it are affected? Also, "anyone who can see it" I assume that could have a line of sight to it, no walls and such, not just closing your eyes or turning your head away. You would still be able to see it if you chose to, you just choose not to. What about blind/blinded things, things that don't have functional...
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  • Yes, I actually remembered that but to me that seemed it was more meant for PC vs PC social maneuver. So far I've always left NPC interactions up to RP. Supernatural powers seem to me like they would be the only worth while thing to roll against PC's for, how the words are received by them regardless of how bad my RP is and how much I stumble in my words.

    Only once I've had it come up that a vampire used Majesty 4 against a PC and succeeded. The request that came with it was in line with what the PC would have done anyway, but the Vamp just wanted to make sure that she was safe against...
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  • I was wondering, how do you guys handle NPC's using Majesty against PC's? Since they don't force the subject to obey and using social rolls against players is not really a thing. So a power giving bonuses to social rolls doesn't really affect PC's that much. Also suddenly telling players that a character seems really convincing and you want to believe them screams "supernatural power being used".

    Do you just tell them or give them conditions and trust that they can RP the fact that they might have no idea they are being influenced in some way?
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