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  • Thank you for admitting you don't understand the depressive side of things. You have no idea how many people don't understand and just assume people who struggle with it are blowing things out of proportion or whatever. It's really appreciated to see someone admit to not understanding it but not making those claims.

    Anyway, yes, I will go back and re-read that section later today. I may have sort of glossed over that section since I'm sure by that point I was already in the "god this sucks" mindset for how depressing things were, so I might not have really grasped it as...
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  • See above, and I read 2nd edition. Didn't finish it because I got to a point where I felt like it was impacting my mood in a negative way, but I got through the first few chapters....
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  • I have failed to see the hope in it, I guess. I couldn't get past how miserable the existence of the characters would be. Personally, knowing what I do about how depression works and how isolation tends to impact people's outlook, all I could see was a bunch of beings I was surprised hadn't decided to end their suffering a long time ago. Even if you play as part of a group, it's hard to imagine that getting much better. Even if they were somehow "immune" to depression and such, I feel like the logical progression would be to look at the chance of them actually being able to become human...
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  • BloodiedPorcelain
    replied to Suggested resources for mythology
    If you want to get as close to the original Irish myths as can be, try to find copies of Lebor gabála Érenn (The Book of the Taking Of Ireland). It's a tough thing to track down and you're basically guaranteed not to be able to find a reliable digital copy (I think I've invested at least $150 for copies of the whole thing), so be prepared to shell out a fair bit of cash. It's worth noting that these are based on stories that were altered by Christian monks, but they're still the closest we have and you don't risk running in to artistic license later authors added in to the stories.
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  • Baron Samedi, The Morrigan, and frankly most of the Norse and Irish Gods and Goddesses.
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  • How do you deal with the depressive nature of Promethean?

    Serious question here, so bear with me.

    My group just wrapped up our Werewolf game and the GM wants to pivot to Promethean. When he first described it, it sounded really interesting. I had a million ideas for characters.

    And then... I started reading the book.

    I was prepared for dark. I was prepared for grimdark. I feel like Promethean goes beyond both of those in to just plain depressing. It's hard to imagine how anyone could have fun playing in this setting as a Promethean, and I'm dreading our upcoming Session 0 because none of my ideas work based on the...
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