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  • BvBPL
    replied to Counting Dumb Numbers
    It doesn't effectively increase the pool size. It instead means that, over time and given enough samples, the average result with the reroll is likely to be about 10% greater than the one without. I think the distinction is important because a statistical advantage over time is materially less exciting and fun than an instant advantage.

    Is that a problem that you feel needs addressing?

    I have a couple thoughts here. I totally understand that some people aren't great at coming up with stunts. However, evocative description is a skill that can be improved...
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  • BvBPL
    replied to Counting Dumb Numbers
    Assuming arguendo that swing was the goal, there are any number of other means by which that could achieved besides relying upon mechanical happenstance. For example, better integration of stunts and intimacies into the charm structure would have allowed a degree of uncertainty to be added to the game. Doing so would also introduce and reward more role-playing / storytelling into combat. The mechanical "count the dice" is a poor way to have introduced swing when it could have been done through the more exciting and unique aspects of Exalted.

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry....
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  • BvBPL
    started a topic Counting Dumb Numbers

    Counting Dumb Numbers

    You put your attribute in,
    You take your penalty out,
    You put your ability in and you shake up all your dice,
    You’re playing Exalted Third and you’re counting all your threes,
    That’s what it’s all about!

    These Exalted charms that make you count the number of sixes or fours or whatever in a roll are dumb. Worse still are the charms that are dependent on the rolls of the other side. These charms break the flow of the game, are inconsistent in a manner most charms are not, generally don’t do anything exciting, and are poorly supported by the rules. The use...
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