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  • Daniel Knight
    started a topic Mermaid rescues cow

    Mermaid rescues cow

    We probably ought to have a single thread for life imitating changeling, after the two young queens finding swords in lakes, but for now I bring you the tale of a mermaid who rescued a cow.

    From the version edited for mundanes, environmental activist Lindsey Cole was swimming in a mermaid suit (yeah, right) on a 200 mile journey to raise awareness of pollution, when she saw what she thought was a mass of dumped plastic sheeting in the river Thames. On investigation it turned out to be a drowning cow, the authorities were alerted and she swam on, her duty to the land satisfied....
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  • My understanding is that the point of this is that traditionally-forged iron was the first 'mundane' metal. Before we learned to work with iron, metal that we could make stuff with was fairly rare and special, but when we started finding and using iron we suddenly had plenty. Thus metalwork became banal and that banality still persists in traditionally forged iron.
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  • If you mean within the rules of the sport, Sluagh. Read their birthright, holding them is almost impossible. A Sluagh who is pinned will simply crawl out from underneath their opponent....
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