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  • It's also worth asking where this encounter takes place.

    If the human stumbles upon a glade the chimera might be less threatened by banality.
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  • Ooh, I got another one.

    Naming 1: He can decypher teen slang and code words. Faliborget salibomething lalibike thalibis.

    Naming 2: "You are going to be Mr Politeness for the rest of this semester, or I will make your life a living hell!" - with 4 successes means that for a month you cannot regain willpower unless you're being polite. Substitute whatever the person has shown a lack of.

    Edit: On a more positive note, Chronos 4 also means that when the ambulance gets called because some boys were playing on the roof and one of them fell, he can rewind...
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  • Depending where this is happenning I'm guessing he has a staff that is a yard stick / meter rule in its autumn form?

    As for arts, Chronos. Chronos 2 allows him to disorient his enemies to make them less effective. Chronos 4 gives him immense bonuses because he's already lived through this fight and is doing it again. It also helps him to make sure he's always walking through the school gate at 08:14:59 every morning.

    As for Chronos 1, forget saying "It wasn't me Sir!" - he can know exactly what you were doing at the time the window broke.
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