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  • Mechanically I would say the Nocker makes a craft roll as described in his birthright to build an impromptu hard light interface. Six rusty nails, half a bottle of Cherry Chouffe, a green lightbulb and two wire coathangers poked into a telephone socket provide him with an internet connected terminal.

    With a poor roll his terminal comes with a penalty to Computer, with a very good roll it provides some small bonus. Either way the frailty still applies, at a key moment it has a 10% chance of breaking.

    The Boggan meanwhile just gets a speed bonus. Looking up the family tree...
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  • The main difference between a nocker and a boggan is that the boggan pays lip service to the laws of physics. A nocker working online would be using a brain interface or a holographic display (hard light, obviously) while a boggan would be typing really fast.
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  • I would have gone the other way and said that Boggans who work online are the most conscientious about blocking trackers, using startpage instead of google and generally locking down equipment so nobody can watch them. It's just part of what makes them feel comfortable so their birthright can kick in.

    If you want to know why then you're a bigger intrusion than possible spyware so shoo along now. Shoo. I've got work to get done.
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  • I would be hard pressed to say what doesn't count. If there's no human contact involved, directly or online, then you work fast.

    Now here's a more interesting question. The rules say you must be unobserved. Does that count Google? What about advertising trackers?
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