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  • That doesn't really answer the question Satchel,

    What happens if a Mage sits down at their crystal ball and casts a spell to watch what they're up to tomorrow in the most probable future. Tomorrow!mage is sitting at his crystal ball casing a spell to check if they're in the present or the future. What does Today!Mage see Tomororw!Mage's spell say.
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  • Can you get temporal refugees from the future?

    Can a mage create a routine where they wake up every morning and casts a spell to determine if he is in the present, or one of the myriad unwritten futures?

    And if he can; does anything stop him from thinking that if he's in the future there's a big chance this future won't be the one that becomes real so he'd better teleport back to the past and try and stick there as long as he can? Could you have a whole collective of the same mage from different potential futures living in the present and desperately trying to anchor themselves so they can live there permanently?
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  • The Kings Raven
    replied to Wyrd Sorcery
    Leviathan is close to finished but the individual powers for rituals, channels, and Hybrid mutations need to be completed. Unfortunately I have gotten completely distracted.
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