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  • Fair, barganing was the wrong word.

    I thought occult bonds of sympathy the default for all Mages?

    But yes. It's all about knowing how things are interconnected. Who needs what from where. Trade routes, and how it all fits together. Mage Sight revealing King Solomon's Mines in the cliffs above Spanish ports is really revealing how Spanish ports have sympathetic bonds to the gold mines in South America.

    I see, for example, Scrying as a key Trader rote. What better way to plan a voyage than to take a peak at the markets and see what's oversupplied and what's...
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  • I do prefer an impersonal force like karma; though I agree that Seers would say it's the Exarchs. But it's more intuiative to me that you can bargain with gods of some sort than karma... still I do prefer something like karma.
    Random concepts for Trader legacies (no current plans to write these up)

    A Silver Ladder and Guardians aligned group of financial auditors and forensic accountants. The 11th Question for white collar crime. Their attainments are investigative but they can lay down their verdict in the form of long term fate curse; forever branding you with your crimes. They...
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  • This all makes sense to me.

    Speaking of risk. Another musing is that that rewards should be the risk pre adjustment by merit. If that poor woman puts her only coin on red in roulette the risk is lower than if she put it on 12; so the payout is lower. But if she put it in the stock market after carefully studying the company she picks; the risk is measured according to some hypothetical average stock picker. That difference is basically your merit and it's how Traders beat the odds.

    The same goes for ocean voyages. Provisioning, hiring the right captain, etc is how...
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  • I had a discussion about paths yesterday that got me thinking about Axios. The result is this rambling post.

    Equivalent exchange as a concept… I don't think it fits. Traders are trying to make a profit, I'd drop equivalent exchange as instead double down on no reward without risk. I'd see the ideal Axios as creating trades where everyone is better off afterwords. If one town has lots of meat but no salt to preserve it for the winter and another town has lots of salt but no meat to preserve, then both towns will be very glad to see a trader sail in to exchange between salt and meat....
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