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  • I actually imagined giving them a powerful supernatural Endowment.

    In vampire myth a vampire simply cannot enter a house uninvited. The idea was that a vampire cannot prey upon a Sunrise Security protected club without finding a way to sneak past or trick the bouncer. It's not a case of the bouncers turning up at your haven the next day with torches and stakes, it's very much a case of getting past the bouncer to get to the meals inside....
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  • Kinship Nightmare: The Game's Rigged (Envy aligned Infernal Demon)

    What? You think people play fair? The law exists to keep the masses down and give the lawyers a pay check. You think people love their family? Watch an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. Everyone's screwing everyone to get to the top, if they aren't it's because they're not good enough for anything except getting screwed.

    Roll: Manipulation + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Advantage

    Normal: The victim becomes convinced that everyone's playing dirty to get to the top; it's the only way...
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  • The way I'd write the evolutions mechanics would just be:

    You're an Ephemerial Being, and you loose Ichor if you're more than a few feet away from a working computer which you have legitimate or hacked control over. Computers in a few feet from yourself loose one point of equipment bonus every <time increment> and are utterly destroyed when they reach -6. Supernatural computers, if they have an equipment bonus greater than Sheol and a durability greater than Sheol will not degrade (I.E. A powerful Genius could build you a reaper style body)

    Supernatural powers that...
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