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  • Gantolandon
    replied to Lex Magica Questions
    All of them come from the Time Before, which means they are written in High Speech (which may be difficult to translate), probably involve obscure concepts that were lost to history, invoke other laws that are no longer known, etc. I doubt they are consistent laws – most likely they are loose approximations how did the perfect mage society look like before it was erased from time. Add an occasional fabrication and you can bet every Silver Ladder and Mysterium Caucus has its own, slightly different interpretation.

    If they are nobodies, they are in a difficult situation,...
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  • Gantolandon
    replied to Sample Mysteries
    Nobody really knows how Dream Remnants form – some Supernal Being is probably involved with their creation, but no one managed to answer which one and why. Each of them is born of a dream that a person once had, but failed to achieve. It appears as a broken item thematically corresponding to the aspiration. A desire for a happy marriage will spawn a golden ring split in half or a tattered photo from the wedding that never happened, for example. Dream Remnants of failed artists are especially valuable, because they tend to produce actual artwork, although it's usually in a very bad shape....
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  • Devil's Whisper (Fate ••, Mind *)
    Primary Factor: Duration
    Withstand: Composure
    Suggested Rote Skills: Socialize, Streetwise, Subterfuge

    This spell was originally created by a Claviclarius mage as a mean to weed out prospective candidates to the Legacy. It takes the recipient's Vice and provides them with opportunities to fulfill it – at the most inopportune moments. A Lustful person will get hit on beautiful people of his preferred gender – but only when their partner is around. A Hostile salesman will have a meeting with an important,...
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  • Using magic to influence other mages is a bad thing to do for several reasons:

    1. The Mage Sight is hard to deceive. With a Sleeper, you can quickly cast a spell on them without letting them know. It won't be that easy with a mage, because you'll immediately trip their Peripheral Sight and blast them with your Nimbus. Even if you cast something that makes you more likeable in your Sanctum, another mage can see the imago on you – and a Mastigos will definitely know what it does as soon as they take a peek with their Active Mage Sight.
    2. You rarely deal with just one mage....
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