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  • Samudra
    replied to Which New Pantheons do you want?
    Well, technically, the Hindu Pantheon is in Hero too But yes, I would really like to see the Korean Pantheon, as well as the Tibetan. I also have a soft spot for the Arabian and Inuit Gods ...
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  • Here's what I find funny about this whole argument, from both people who loudly wonder if Scion allows mortal play, and those who don't think that that is an ideal game mode...Origins is kind of exactly allows a wide variety of player types that are not Scions, and most importantly, it's the book with the core ruleset...the core ruleset that is what you need to play a mortal game...You don't start a game book with descriptions of Powers, you start it with Attributes and Skills...the things you need to model the mortal world, because you can't go immortal without first establishing the...
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  • I think you're taking Neall's quotes too literally...Gods refer to themselves as Gods all the time. Those two quotes seem to be indicating (to me at least) that Gods in the Scion verse don't need to declare their one looks upon a God and doesn't know bone deep that this is something, say, the episode in the Aenied where Apollo appears in the form of Butes to Ascanius and the other besieged Trojans...everyone knows that this is a God...similarly, in the Mahabharata, when Krishna reveals his Divine Self to the members of an unbelieving court, even the blind king can see...
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