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  • The intended audience is mostly the members of the scion families and the 3 main families
    Ages are anywhere from neonate to elder.
    I just want to keep it, somewhat exotic with an unusual challenge but not go over the top and make it D&D the masquerade
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  • True, and the gladiator fights are mentioned in constantinople by night.
    It's just for various supernatural patrons from the families.
    Hence the audience is also mostly vampiric in nature and some liberties are allowed

    I could just toss stuff at them to roll dice but that is boring, One of the players is a showman duelist gangrel with a sadictic streak. It's to give him a chance to shine in this environment.

    I like the constant heckling and frenzy checks though.
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  • Dark ages Constantinople gladator fights

    Hi all

    My players have arrived in Constantinople and a few of the more martial ones would like to test their mettle in the Hippodrome at night where gladiator fights are being held.

    Other than the usual fights vs some ghouls, having one of their ghouls fight another etc I am looking for some interesting ideas to challenge them.

    Have you run anything like this or do you have an interesting fight.

    I was thinking of making a Salubri warrior as a champion but all other things are welcome!...
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