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  • CanisInvictus
    replied to Sins of the First Age
    They permitted breeding between dragonblooded and mortals! The horror! Fetch me my fainting couch!

    (Sorry, I can't think of any real contributions off the top of my head)
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  • Maybe 3e's less lethal combat would help foster that kind of cooperation? (Again, not something I really want to try at the moment, but food for thought, I guess)
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  • CanisInvictus
    started a topic Spooky October PbP: A non-recruitment thread

    Spooky October PbP: A non-recruitment thread

    So I've been feeling in a vaguely halloweenish mood lately and thought I'd maybe like to try out a one-shot PbP. I'm thinking a bit of urban horror through an Exalted lens in the Wu Jian slums. I'm really new with 3e, and entirely inexperienced when it comes to STing so I'm feeling extreme trepidation about even putting this out there, but consider this a statement of intent and just general putting out of feelers as to the interest level.

    Oh right, I'm thinking mortals only just because spooky when the players are mighty god-kings is something that I don't think I can pull off...
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