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  • How best to get vampire characters involved in story arcs

    Werewolves hunt spirits, Sin Eaters deal with ghosts, Changelings defend themselves against the Fae, fantasy adventurers explore dungeons and fight monsters, 1920s investigators investigate mysteries and die horribly at the hands of Mythos monsters. It's fairly easy to come up with story arcs that such characters will naturally be drawn to. Vampires are proving to be a whole other story. In my game I have a doctor, a bar owner, and zookeeper. I'm struggling to come up with story arcs that suit their skills and abilities, and would be things they'd actually get involved with. I keep coming up with...
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  • I just thought since it was Gencon that there might have been some kind of announcement regarding upcoming releases or something. But I guess Onyx Path doesn't do that kind of thing.

    Sounds awesome, too bad it'll come out too late for the chronicle I'm currently running. Maybe it'll be out in time for the next one.

    On the one hand i'm happy it's taken so long to come out because it (hopefully) means it'll be chock full of good stuff. On the other hand, information about bloodlines, Belial's Brood, VII, and everything else in Spilled Blood should have been...
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  • Any info on the bloodline, or just the picture for now? Has there been any word on when Spilled Blood will be released? I could really use the info on Belial's Brood for a story arc my group is currently working their way through....
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  • Shadowdragon
    started a topic Stun grenades and Tilts

    Stun grenades and Tilts

    In Hurt Locker stun grenades inflict Blinded, Deafened, and sometimes Stunned. Tilts usually only go away when the damage that caused them is healed, but stun grenades don't do any damage. So, do the Tilts caused by stun grenades end the instant they're given, or do they just last forever? Or is there something missing from the stun grenade rules that explains how long the Tilts are meant to last?
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  • Shadowdragon
    started a topic vampires in the underworld

    vampires in the underworld

    What, if any, effect would the Underworld have on vampires? They're dead, but they're not Bound or ghosts, and they don't have Essence or Plasm. I know they won't be able to feed on anything, so no regaining vitae unless they bring blood bags, and there's no real sunlight, but is there anything else?
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