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  • So, lets say someone walks up to a character, the character successfully uses Majesty on this person, then the character asks if the person is secretly an assassin sent to kill them. If said person is in fact an assassin, do they have to instantly spill the beans and spoil the entire plot, or does Majesty allow the person to get creative with their answer so they don't give anything away? I can see how getting a Majesty victim to blow up a building full of people could be a Breaking Point, but what about telling plot-spoiling secrets?
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  • In the Dark Eras book the Grimm Dark Era chapter talks about how human stories, fairy tales, and folklore can influence fae magic and even change how it works in a given area. Is that a thing in 2e? I know in the end it's up to the individual ST to determine whether this is the way it works, but I'm curious if this was ever part of the base setting or if it's only ever mentioned in that chapter.
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  • Shadowdragon
    started a topic Am I getting Majesty correct?

    Am I getting Majesty correct?

    I'm a little worried about Majesty and how it's making it very difficult to do some of the things I'm trying to do as an ST. It's a very cheap to use power, doesn't require eye contact like Dominate, and it basically allows you to pull all the information you want out of someone. All it costs is 1 vitae (if you even need to bump it up to Green Eyes) and you can have a villain, or one of his minions, spill his guts about their entire dastardly plan. Am I missing something about how Majesty is used and any restrictions there may be in how it's used? Is it more limited than I'm thinking it is? How...
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