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  • My biggest problem with this is that it works for certain other splats, but it doesn't always work in Vampire. I can think of dozens of examples where a Mask and Dirge would end up being exactly the same because the character/npc acts the same with humans as they do with vampires. Vice and Virtue, and most other splat variations, work because EVERYONE has them without exception, and they absolutely have to be different from each other. You don't get this with Mask and Dirge at all. Relating Mask and Dirge to Humanity and Beast, in a similar way as say Werewolf handles Bone and Blood, makes a LOT...
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  • Personally I'm not a big fan of rpgs that enforce standards of morality. I always liked the idea that Humanity is a measure of how much the Beast has taken control of the vampire. Doing things that tap into the Beast, or give the Beast more control over the body, or prove that the character is no longer human, should be what lower Humanity. Using Disciplines, cutting oneself off from human society, particularly aggressive forms of feeding, surviving situations that would have killed a normal human, etc. Low Humanity doesn't necessarily mean low morality, it just means the vampire sees itself as...
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  • Is there a limit on how often a character can attempt to use things like Majesty 2 (Confidant) on a target? Most things have a Vitae cost, or a limit on how often they can be used, or something, but as far as I can see, a character can simply spam Confidant until it works. Am I missing some general rules about not being able to retry abilities that the target successfully resisted?

    Also, can any character with enough Carthian Status put a Carthain Law into effect? Or does it have to be agreed upon by all local members of the Covenant, or does a character have to get permission from...
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