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  • Shadowdragon
    started a topic Design choices for Mummy

    Design choices for Mummy

    I'm interested in getting Mummy 2e when it goes into full release, but I have a couple questions regarding design choices.

    Why are mummies "unstuck in time"? From a purely mechanical standpoint this is going to be an absolute nightmare for storytellers. Every player is going to want their characters to have knowledge of things totally inappropriate for the chronicle's setting. "This chronicle is going to be set during medieval times" "I want my character to have a laser gun because he learned how to make and use them in the far future". And if mummies...
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  • One of the humanity 6 breaking points is to survive a car crash. Does this mean any kind of crash, or only ones that would inflict significant damage (damage a human likely wouldn’t be able to survive)? For example: would driving your car through a wall but suffering no actual damage to your body trigger a breaking point roll?
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