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  • How would Majesty work on someone who had something like Dissociative Identity Disorder? Would the Charmed/Enthralled Conditions carry over from one personality to the next, or would switching personalities shake off the Condition? If the later, what if a person switched then switched back, would the original personality still be under the effects of the conditions?
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  • Yea, all the worst bits of both combined with a bunch of new garbage. Requiem is still the best version of Vampire. Hell, I'd even take V20 over V5 any day.

    As for the original topic, strix were never a central aspect of vampire, not like ghosts in Geist, or spirits in Werewolf. It's perfectly fine to run a vampire chronicle and never mention strix once....
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  • Having trouble with some npc concepts

    I'm working on a collection of npcs for a chronicle I'll be starting up soon and i'm struggling to figure out what seemings and kiths some of them should be. There are a few that just don't seem to fit any of the seeming or kith descriptions. The chronicle is set during 1812 in southern germany, which is why the descriptions may be a little archaic.

    The first is a frumpy motherly type who's a gossipy people person. She's spring court and has a knack for getting people to open up to her. She's always available to be a shoulder to cry on, and likes to help people suffering from emotional...
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  • From original mythology, Nix would use their hypnotic voices to lure people into the water to drown them. In Changeling I could see the Gentry using them to lure victims into traps. Nix is basically just another name for mermaid, siren, etc. Maybe the blessing as you stated, and the Trickery could be some form of compulsion (an opposed roll to force the target to spend it's next turn doing nothing but moving closer to the Nix?). Is that too powerful?...
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  • Does anyone happen to have any ideas for a 2e version of the Nix? The best I can come up with is a re-skinned version of Artist, but using vocal Specialties for Persuasion and Expression, and having the skill bonus apply to Athletics rolls made to swim. Is there a better way that isn't just a copy-paste of another kin?
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