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  • Not exactly canon, but some have suggested the idea that Pentex cannot create mockery breeds from nothing, their limited success has come only when working with animals who have had shifter lines at some point (based on the war wolves and Garou, and the presumed similarity between the cockroach mockeries and the long-extinct insect shifters). This would suggest that there may have been lines of rhino, gorilla, and frog shifters at some point in the past. Some sort of Umbra quest to remove the wyrm taint and regain spiritual patronage for these mockery breeds could be a way to restore them in the...
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  • Mithras is on the short side for disciplines for his age, definitely. The very rough rule of thumb given for constructing such elders is the square root of age, and by that measure he's short about 25 dots. It would be fairly appropriate to assume he actually has a little more Fortitude/Potence and a bunch of Celerity/Auspex.

    Specific rules, no (that I know of), but it has been referred to. For example, Mictlantecuhtli in Diablerie Mexico has some stats given, and then a note that these reflect his many years in torpor and you should add some specific dots if he sur...
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