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  • How broadly are we defining "Satanic Panic" here? The ritual child abuse allegations were obviously the most high-profile incidents, but they were part of a broader climate of paranoia that included claims like "metal bands use backwards masking to brainwash kids" and "Dungeons and Dragons teaches real magic." The West Memphis Three were caught up in it, and my in-laws (who were Wiccans in Missouri) have stories about people being harassed, assaulted, losing jobs, etc. if they "came out of the broom closet" to the wrong person. That's still not a ton of...
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  • I think it would work for Demons only in a "even a broken clock is right twice a day" sense. Imagine your Cover degrading, not because the God-Machine or a rival cell is onto you, but because a bunch of self-righteous moral crusaders are trying to prove you worship their devil.

    Honestly, that's the main appeal of this Dark Era to me -- because in the World of Darkness, there really are cults and monsters in the shadows, it's just that this whole moral crusade that gripped the country missed them entirely while chasing a figment born of hysteria and dubious theraputic practices....
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