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  • Thank-you Z. i had somehow forgotten that little bit of info. Greatly appreciated.
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  • Manannansun
    replied to Naug's Scion Rewrite
    Hi Naug!

    I am very impressed with what you made. You are the first person I know of to tie psychopompic powers into death rather than any travel type purview. In fact your death purview is the most impressive one I have seen to date. Good job at tying in so many angles. I was wondering, would you consider writing up the Tuatha de Danann purview? I feel that most versions I have found online, focus to much on the geasa aspect of the Tuatha, and ignore many other attributes and powers they display. I feel with your outlook yours would differ greatly. If you have thought about it, what...
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  • 1e is implied in the structure. I wouldn't be using it otherwise.
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  • Welsh PSP Idea Ouline. Help With Mechanics, Please?

    I have been conferring with Watcher on this so it is fair to give him credit where credit is due. This the outline of Tynged, a possible Welsh PSP. A significant inspiration was the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi. I was hoping that I could get some help with the mathematics part since I have discalcula and so am unable to do it myself.
    Weapon of Choice (Tynged 1)- Gain immunity to a specific type of weapon (revolver, longbow, spear, etc)
    Harder to Kill (Tynged 2)- Force reroll on one attack per session.
    Here I Stand(Tynged 3)- Become unable to be killed at a specific...
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  • Manannansun
    replied to Gods and Goddesses you have crushes on?
    Niamh of the Golden Hair. I think that she's been pretty lonely since Oisin. I would like to make her happy again.
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