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  • You're thinking a bit to big, I think. Imagine that one gust that always seems to move a field of grass, always blows through a corridor because the windows wont close or moves that dreamcatcher you own. Sure, it's not always blowing, but it's always "there". It's not the physical movement of air, it's the concept of that gust, of that familiar draft that you anchor to (at least that's how I see it)...
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  • A very apt analysis.
    Anyways, I'm off, to celebrate the dreamdance and walk into the autumn until winter freezes my smile. (That means that I'll be playing 1st Ed and stop commenting here. No use wasting you guys time)...
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  • Reincarnation as a changeling means an almost complete loss of memory until the dreamdance begins and they might be reborn on the other end of the planet, probably surrounded by other changelings. OH GOD, the humanity! That serial killer might... get someone completely different at some point after he has learned how to potty again! AHHHHH! /s

    But at this point, after reading all of C20, I agree. Changeling the Dreaming is indeed a game about the death of whimsy. The CtD I have was holding onto it and loving every moment until it had to go. C20 is about beating it to death while whining...
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  • Explaining them doesn't make them any more interesting or appealing. So their're nihilistic and empty. Great. That would also imply that they sit around all day, do nothing and won't resist when someone comes to kill them. Basically, now Changelings are supposed to kill the clinically depressed among them.
    That doesn't sound right or fun or interesting.
    Really a waste......
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