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  • @Darko: That obviously refers to stepping from the skinlands into the shadowlands. I don't know how many times I have to point out that it is the other way around. A demon peers from the other side. Crossing over from the shadowlands into the skinlands also happens to be reflexive. How do you explain the lack of difficulty to leave if the veil isn't weaker from the inside? It was designed to let the souls of the dead return with time, which is what wraiths are capable of doing in seams and ripples in the veil.

    Are you seriously bringing up realism in a World of Darkness ga...
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  • Hello. I've also posed this question on WhiteWolf's reddit and someone had said it is the nature of the veil that allows its inhabitants to see through. Though they did not provide any reference, I did run into several cases depicting wraiths being able to perceive mortals and their ongoings in the skinlands, thus reaching the conclusion that rather than being an inherent ability of spirits, it's just the way the shadowlands are.

    Although generally speaking dtf's details into the matter are kinda lacking, I did find this to be a compelling argument.
    Demon: The Fallen (The Storyteller's...
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