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  • @4, it says in the description that elders would animate axes, swords and firearms to protect their stuff. That implies more than 1 object, does it not?
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  • About Movement of the Mind (Thaumaturgy)...

    Power reference: VTM20th p220

    I'd like to know some of its limitations.

    -Can you use it to manipulate a subject/object while taking other actions revolving around them. I.E. holding them in place and later attacking them in the subsequent turn? Does it take your full focus or does the power break when you stop dedicating your full turn's dicepool on it.
    -Can you use it for very fine manipulations, I.E. sliding the keys out of a car's ignition, opening a car from the outside, etc
    -How about when using it to 'fly/levitate' yourself, do you need to land to take...
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  • I see. Any more opinions are welcome. I play in a game where the owner said you can absolutely not use it, I dunno if it's his beliefs or if it's a house rule he made but I'm hoping I can convince him otherwise.

    I myself believe that it wouldn't be difficult at all for an elder with Auspex 6 to perceive auras, it barely makes any sense that it would be easier for them to read someone's mind and deepest thoughts than to simply perceive their emotional state or race. Perhaps the difficulty was intended to be high (8) specifically so it'd eventually get lowered to optimal difficult...
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  • Does Heightened Senses affect Aura Perception difficulty?

    " In certain circumstances, dice rolls associated with using the character's sense (such as Perception + Alertness) decrease in difficulty by a number equal to the character's Auspex rating when the power is engaged." VTM 20th, -Heightened Senses description

    Does this apply to Aura Perception (auspex 2). Would Auspex 6 allow an elder to detect the aura at a minimum difficulty or is it still incredibly hard to pull off for some reason?

    Also, If I recall correctly in VTM:B you detect enemies through slim walls/doors via aura perception, is that the case in the
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