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  • Svarogg
    replied to "Ultimate" Deity List (WIP)
    From this website:
    There are three others
    • Squannit, the wife of Maushop and the Sea-Woman
    • Hobomock, the god of death and the adversary of Kehtannit
    • Kehtannit, the Great Spirit
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  • Svarogg
    replied to [Fan-made] Burmese Pantheon - the Nat
    If you were to run them as a subpantheon of the Deva, I might go with Samsara. The Nat are known for wandering and fooling around different forms throughout history (might be considered as the usage of the Avatara). But there isn't much about the theme of worldly illusion. The Nats are firmly held as physical entities that inhabit either nature, concepts or characteristics.

    My idea of a Nat purview would be related to their Fate, where everyone (at a certain point in apotheosis) undergoes death and is transformed and glorified as a deity and the steps Fate has taken as to bring that...
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