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  • The replica made by WW is definitely shorter than the ones depicted in books, since they all seem to have a ratio of 1:3 between hilt and total length (and grand klaives are supposed to be even longer).

    If your goal is a foam weapon for cosplay or larp I'd suggest to scale the dimensions up a bit, keeping in mind your body size and strength (I mean, they must still be comfortable to wield); if your goal is to make a replica of the official one them I'm afraid I can't help you .-. It looks about a bit less than half of the handle, though... I'd say about 15 cm?
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  • Maris Streck
    replied to No Maned Wolf fera?
    Garous can breed with every wolf and have any kind of mane. Unless Pure Breed is involved, in which case they'll show fur patterns typical for their tribe.
    South-American wolves are probably mothers and fathers of every kind of tribe there, both native to America and born from European invaders, so you don't really need to force a racial predominance on the Amazon basin. If you'd like to, thou, the only choices would be Uktena and Wendigo.

    You could also say that Maned Wolves were mainly Croatan kin and the banishing of Eater-of-Souls left the whole area devoid of Garous; if...
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  • Well, it's his first Werewolf game, so he probably missed some stuff here and there. His master should have known, though. Anyway, it' all on page 140 of the W20 manual.

    You can have a pack totem or a personal totem, but not both. If you join a pack with a totem (every pack has one, btw) while having a personal totem you don't get bonuses from the pack one. Having a totem spirit means being a part of the totem's breed, you can't belong to two (or more) different bloodlines.

    Back to your starting question, the best way to gain combat power is to raise your stats - especially...
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