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  • If it's just seeing through walls you could do it like they did in Bloodlines if you want. See auras or outlines through walls and such with range going up based on Auspex rating. I abused the hell out of that one. Really hope something like it makes a come back in the sequel.... May be a bit to OP for a table top game.
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  • It was more of a joke about how I kinda like that vampires don't need to be perfect at being the stereotypical apex predators they typically think they are then an appeal to they mythology (which I do like to consider as mostly true) because vampires just aren't perfect or the same. Like I said if others want to do it different then that's cool. It's going to come down to how the group wants to play, obviously. But here's why I am not offended by it not being an inherent trait:

    I just like that they are not perfect and have to work a little if they want to have such an advantage....
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  • Im just saying their existences as a whole are meant to be inconvenient and kinda crappy depending on how true the metaplot is in your games. If you play into the whole "Disciplines from Lillith" thing then they weren't mean to have any upsides at all. At least, of all their many weaknesses, that one can be overcome pretty easy (5-7 XP and some roleplay). It's also minor enough that it doesn't really matter to much. You can just house rule it away like many do. Or bring flashlights. I'd keep it to remind the players that they aren't quite the perfect night-predators they think they are....
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  • Nocturnal predators with no innate dark vision is highly inconvenient. It's almost like their cursed or something.
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  • Margul
    replied to Magic as a learning aid
    Yeah. They basically beat the hell out of each other and then just either use life or pattern restoration to fix the damage. They also mention that Life can be used to restore and refresh a person (Life 3). Spending reach has the effect on some healing spells of the effects of removing fatigue and lack of food and water so a person could run or exercise to exhaustion and then just cast a spell to fix it. If their really wimpy they could even use mind or something so they don't notice how tired they are (very dangerous) High intensity work out that is easy as hell (but may kill them)
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