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  • I must have missed something what is a Guardian?...
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  • yrtalien
    replied to Trinity Release Guess
    Aexpansion and Psiads are what I'm most anticipating too....
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  • yrtalien
    replied to Daywalker?
    We're pretty open. What are pg and png... I have to admit ignorance....
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  • yrtalien
    started a topic Daywalker?


    In a mixed game I am hoping to allow the Vampire to survive during the day. Is there any way other than the Coil of Ascendancy and low Humanity to achieve this? Hopefully for longer than 10 min...

    If there is only 10 min alternative it does lethal, can you heal it with a BP? I assume the answer is yes.
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  • yrtalien
    started a topic Transcendent Powers

    Transcendent Powers

    For level 6 Psion Modes that allow you to to go up in scale at the cost of Psi... Are you limited to only 1 Psi or can you spend more? For an even bigger scale at a cost.. or modify two aspects of a power for 2 Psi. If that's the case I might see a powerful Psiad or Psion standing up to an actual Aberrant...

    KINETIC MASTERY (••••• •)
    Kinetic Mastery is three separate powers, one each for Thermokinesis, Telekinesis, and Perikinesis. These powers are only accessible to proxy-Tier psions. These powers don’t provide a new effect, they increase the effect of every other...
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