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  • yrtalien
    started a topic MtAw artifact personage

    MtAw artifact personage

    In first edition I seem to recall mention of a person who has the abilities of an artifact internalized innto himself can anyone help me find this info again or did I imagine it?

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  • yrtalien
    replied to Heroes from Mirrors in CofD
    Hmmm, you are right multiple attacks are right out... but maybe still keep the mastery and say no double or triple attacks. Instead perhaps someone with Rapidity Weapon and Rapidity Intimidate could attack a target while verbally berating him (trying to apply a condition)...

    Is that still too much? Would have to come up with something for taking rapidity weapon first though... or its useless until you get rapidity in another skill....
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  • yrtalien
    started a topic Heroes from Mirrors in CofD

    Heroes from Mirrors in CofD

    Pretty much as stated I'd like to incorporate these into my game and am trying to figure out if they need any adjustments. I would accept any advice on the subject... New to CofD too and not sure how well they will mix.

    Does anyone have any experience with Dark Heroes in their games? Do they compare well with the other splats?

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  • Sisterhood of the Blessed Legacy from Silver Ladder 1e to 2e

    I was hoping someone had already worked on this and I could borrow it. One of my players is interested in joining and I'd like to extend the option soon. I am on and off when it comes to innovating.

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