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  • Yeah. So, if Unbidden was hostile Mysteries, N&A is hostile mages.

    And yes, it will have the 2e Scelesti, Mad One*, Tremere, Integrity-not-Wisdom Banishers, etc rules in it.

    (* after careful consideration between m'self, Dixie, and the Dev for Nameless and Accursed, we're changing Wisdom 0 mages' title from "The Mad" as it was making us increasingly uncomfortable. They're still the loveable, out of control, Tulpa-spawning obsessives you remember from Left Hand Path, though)
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  • Dave Brookshaw
    replied to Power Stat
    Deviant's goes from 0 to 5. It's not that difficult, you just have to figure out something else to base Supernatural Tolerance on.
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  • What Raz, Cinder, Hermit, and Gwyn said.

    Diamond mages in the Roman Empire were largely bound up in the Mystery Cults that syncretised external and ancient elements into Roman culture. Thinking of Rome as analogue to Atlantis was something medieval and later European mages did. Much as the Romans themselves had a hard on for the mysterious Etruscans, and would be baffled by the image of the glorious civilisation 17th century englishmen had.
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