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  • Yes. Unless they deal with a concealment power of some kind.

    Mages’ peripheries are source-agnostic. They’re triggered by any supernatural event, so a Legacy Attainment using the wielder’s Gnosis instead of the Supernal World? Doesn’t matter.
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  • No, definitely not.

    Giving Perfected material banes a damage boost would involve somehow predicting the effects of all material banes - does Perfected Fire do extra damage to vampires? Should Perfected Gold do extra damage to a spirit that has gold as its bane? What about material weaknesses that aren't straight damage?

    Simply too much bother, which is why we went for "removes all other specifications, then acts like X". So Siderite counts as cold iron, meteroic iron, flame-forged iron, stainless steel, cast iron - whatever adjectives the supernatural being...
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