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  • Dave Brookshaw
    replied to Splats power ladder?
    Mages have the worst "spend power points to heal" ability of any splat that has one, (but note that's because when they use actual spells they have the best) and can remove Tilts and mental Conditions at will by spending mana. Without magic.
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  • There's a multi-stage filter going on

    There's people who have the right mindset to be a mage, a tiny proportion of whom confront the Lie. A tiny proportion of those get selected by a Watchtower, and a tiny proportion of *those* Awaken.

    The means by which the Watchtowers pick which human beings having a crisis of Integrity to form the Adyton in is what mages don't understand. It's clearly not "will pass the tests" because most people don't. It might be "*could* pass the tests without breaking", which is why when Archmasters force the Watchtower to admit...
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