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  • Yeah, illithids have definitely scared me, both in the existential sense, and as a D&D player, as monsters that just kill you in a horrifically outright manner. Although the supplement Lords of Madness also did get me thinking about them in a more sympathetic light as well, what with their argument that they need to eat brains to survive, etc....
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  • That's fair. Okay, I think the 2nd Attainment then will be immunity to mundane electrical damage, and an automatic Clash against supernatural electricity, though the mage still has to roll to escape from a continuous power source....
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  • Very cool stuff. Do you think that our modern relationship with monsters would have an affect on Beasts or the Primordial Dream? In the past few decades, monster media has tended toward portraying their subjects in a more sympathetic light, and we can't forget the rise of the supernatural romance genre. Perhaps there are people who end up romanticizing Beasts, or people who want to become one, copycat terrorists imitating you because there's something about you that's really and dark and dangerous but also alluring.

    I've posted about this a while back in the Character Idea Thread,...
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  • Not mechanically at the moment (although I've considered adding to the prerequisites for each Attainment an additional bout of electrocution). It's more a thematic thing: People exposing themselves to a dangerous source of power and welcoming the pain it brings, because enlightenment can only come through direct experience. Also, the spirits they work with might be offended if they protect themselves too tightly against their essence. Those are just my initial thoughts, however; it's quite possible that that might make them less fun to play, which obviously is counterproductive....
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  • Hmm, that is true. I feel like a complete Shielding effect is a little at odds with the theme I'm going for with this Legacy, but here's an idea:

    The Fourth Attainment is replaced by Control Electricity, with Reach assigned to Instant Casting, Advanced Scale, and Sensory Range. This means (if I'm understanding everything correctly) that when first acquired, the Attainment lasts for 5 turns, has a Potency of 3, and affects up to 5 subjects or everything within the space of a large house.

    The Second Attainment is replaced by a special effect: All electricity damage is reduced...
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  • Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the first and second Attainments are both touch-range. I was considering a Shielding effect, but that also seems to be covered by Control Electricity (you can direct electricity away from someone to reduce damage by the spell's Potency).

    Maybe I could change the Thunderbolt Attainment into a modified Transform Energy. I'll think that over.

    Reach is spent as follows:

    1: Instant Casting. (Optional: An always-on effect that's essentially a limited version of a homebrew Spirit Compelling spell I call "Align Essence.")...
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  • Working on a Legacy: Storm-Dancers

    This is an idea that has been brewing in my head for a few days now, so I wanted to share my ideas thus far. There are a few attainments of which I am feeling uncertain, and the name could be more inspired. But, the idea is for a Legacy harnessing an ancient cosmic power that they can just barely control.



    Evidence of the Supernal is all around us; in the past, one merely needed to look to the skies, but nowadays even that isn't necessary. Electricity lies at the heart of magic--it was lightning that inspired humans to try striking stones...
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  • espritdecalmar
    started a topic Talens from Rank 6+ Spirits

    Talens from Rank 6+ Spirits

    So, binding a spirit that transcends mortal ability is (most likely) an impossible endeavor, attempted only by the most deluded and/or narcissistic of shamans. However, such entities might quite easily break off shards of themselves, maybe even without realizing it.

    I'm curious: What kinds of talens might the gods of the Shadow create? When Destroyer Wolf spits out a loose tooth, the Thunderer calls down a crystallized lightning strike, the Mother of Spring leaves behind blooming flowers in her wake, or even, perhaps, a tear of Luna's falls to Earth, what powers could these spiritual...
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  • This is a spell I've been considering for a while. I'm not entirely certain about it, whether it should require a point of Mana, etc. But, this is what I have:

    Hasten Symbolism (Time •••)
    Practice: Perfecting
    Primary Factor: Duration
    Suggested Rote Skills: Athletics, Expression, Occult

    The mage enhances the target's ability to conceptualize the symbols of magical power, condensing what would take multiple moments into a single, graceful movement. The next time the target casts a spell during this spell's Duration, the target may utilize an additional...
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