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  • As said above: you would use the Sorcerer sourcebook (the earlier edition is "looser", just a tad, while the later one is a little more tight-yet-flexible) to create period-appropriate sorcerers -- no muss, no fuss....
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  • That's intentional, for the most part. The "pagan faiths" are, in many cases by their inherent nature, more fluid/loose vs. the more highly structured/focused (T)raditions represented by the Hermetics, Voices and Batini.

    Looking for a "clear central point" is missing the entire metaphysical quality/ies attempting to be addressed by the "looser" Fellowships : there isn't necessarily a "clear center", but rather a looser, more flowing ideology. [/QUOTE]

    Similar to how the Spheres work in M:tA, the Foundation/Pillars...
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