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  • KnightFenrirWulfhart
    KnightFenrirWulfhart posted a Visitor Message for Just John, Forever...
    Hello! I hate to be a bother, but I tried messaging you a few months ago only to come across a problem involving the comma in your username. I posted a visitor message on your profile back on November 22nd. I apologize if this is too forward. I didn't know if you didn't see it, or if you didn't want to respond, so I figured it was probably better to try one more time and hope for the best.
    I have seen that you're a big fan of Dark Ages: Mage's Foundation and Pillars system- as am I- and that you might have some more writeups for other Traditions Foundations and Pillars as well as modern...
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  • Just John, Forever...
    replied to Movies
    (Just jumping in on a contextual point, especially relative to some later posts by others)

    The thing is, relative to Johnson's input with TLJ (just for contextual example), that even though it's true that Disney *should* have had a more structured approach to the third trilogy, it was still the case that he didn't just direct his film but also wrote it. That means that while ultimately the buck stops with the higher ups (Townsend, in this case), what Johnson *did* with his all-but-carte'-blanche for the second film is go a fair bit "off the Rebel Base", to paraphrase an...
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