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  • If you think about it, fair folk have very expensive attributes. They cost xp not motes. Im sure I get motes back faster than xp.
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  • videopete
    replied to Buying slaves
    Hire mercenaries, also if time is not a issue 8 to 20 years you can have a army of elite soldiers. Also remember, there are multiple forms of slavery. Not all of it is forced to live in shit. The skilled slaves are treated better. They might even own slaves, earn money, enough to buy their own freedom. Plus remember Solaris can mind whammy the shit out of people, make the slaves love them.
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  • videopete
    replied to Resources what is it good for?
    This isnt thread necromancy... this is I have been Off this site and wwork has kept me away from eeverythig. So reading up, 1 yen is worth about 1 days worth of unskilled labor. So we can pay them about minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. And as some one who use to earn that much, was about $56 a day, for those 8 hour days. Oh and yeah you could eat that easilly in a day. Beer at every meal, buying decent groceries. So one yen does purchase 1 day of eating good.

    here is the kicker, most people are not unskilled laborors. Even farmers are not unskilled. What an unskilled laboror is,...
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