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  • Are the "Lower Depths" referenced in a book somewhere? I'd love to read up on that too!...
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  • Ghostdriver
    replied to Small Town Demon
    I've done this type of thing with other genres so I'll keep it as generic as possible:

    1. There's already some antagonist there and the PCs are stepping on his/her/its home turf
    2. One or more of the big city baddies followed them and harass them occasionally. Perhaps they themselves are looking to redeem themselves in the eyes of the big city baddies so can't really call in reinforcements.
    3. Deal with small-time issues such as travelers sensing that something is weird about this town (hunters, heroes, etc.)
    4. The God-Machine is already here and it was a plot to...
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  • Which book(s) would be best to read up on 'Supernal Beings'? I'd like to know more....
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  • Which came first? Pyros (Divine Fire) or the God-Machine?

    I have an on-going debate in my CoD gaming group on which came first. The Divine Fire or the God-Machine?

    The story of "Giants in the Earth" gives an alternate creation.

    Anyone care to wade in? What do your chronicles have as the "creation"?
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  • In the Demon's Storytellers Guide, page 84 - Delivery: This Incept also allows the angel to spend Essence equal to the local Gauntlet to create a portal to any other ephemeral realm, from the Underworld to the Astral Realms to the Abyss.

    Does this mean that an Angel from DtD can travel to all the realms listed above?
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  • Comprehensive list of Realms in CoD

    Is there a list anywhere that someone has compiled of a list of Realms and the various denizens that are native to them?

    Here's what I have so far but I'm new to CoD so I'm sure I don't know all of them.

    Astral - Goetia / Primordial Dream (as part of the Astral Plane) - Beasts
    Shadow - Spirits
    Underworld - Ghosts
    Twilight - Not a realm per se
    Hedge - Changelings/Hobgoblins
    Arcadia - True Fae/Huntsmen
    Abyss - Demons (from MtA)?
    Supernal - ?

    Duat - Mummies

    EDIT 1: Looking at the Fandom page for Supernal...
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