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  • I honestly question the 1/day ideal. Heck I'd not sure it deserves a 1/scene limit. A will cost maybe, but this isn't an effect that will break the system or make mindless puppets. It's just forces the person to have a more solid reason for not listening to him then 'He's a demon, even though I don't care about the immaculate faith at all and I don't have strong feelings for other reasons." I'm literally just making a economic Dragon Warlord’s Convocation with a third of it's benefits and easier to resist even then.

    Perhaps keep it at 5m if they are able to use the intimacy...
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  • Do you think a willpower cost would help it be more balanced?

    As for the example you put, a quote on page 216 "...Instead, you must offer a bribe, gift, or favor that the character you’re convincing believes is [B]worth the difficulty or danger of the task you’re asking him to perform.The Storyteller should take into account the Intimacies, wealth, and social status of the character in deciding what they will consider sufficient payment.(a wealthy noble is not going to be moved to favor your cause in court by the gift of an apple, though a starving beggar might be). [B]"...
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  • Based on the SoG's thread and this thread I think that it's still fair to say that Solar Presence has some... issues. If the storyteller can more or less realistically deny the Solar Supernal Presence any leeway by simply spending a willpower at any point in the beginning, Middle, or End.Remember the book states they don't need much of a reason to do so if they wish. You don't want to make people think "Welp, if I can't convince them normally" and look at Hypnotic Tongue-Technique like it's their only realistic option. . I don't think that Solar's should be strictly worse then Dragonblooded...
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