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  • Rouharu
    started a topic Hybrid Body Transformation and its expansions

    Hybrid Body Transformation and its expansions

    I have to admit that I don't feel comfortable about how Hybrid Body Transformation interacts with its related charms. So I will give this a try and see what you think. πŸ˜…

    With Hybrid Body Transformation you decide on a Hybrid Form from a "look and feel" that relates to your Spirit Shape. Often this will be some humanoid-type version of your Spirit Shape.

    Regardless of how you describe the Hybrid Form, the only Mechanical Benefits from the charm will be what you get with the 6 points of Merits you select that fits the theme of your Hybrid Form.

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  • Rouharu
    replied to Lunar Shapeshifting and other basics
    Thanks for all the feedback!! I’m Storytelling this time, but even so it’s pretty cool to have a Lunar in the group.

    It opens up some new dynamics.

    Compared to the previous game with two Solars only, none of which where particularly heavy hitters, having a Lunar with Strength favored and a Hybrid Form powered up with Chimera to be a Rhinoceros and Gorilla Mix with DBT+Ogre, with a Horn built from Mutations to be a Medium Weapon on top of Strength 5 Baseline.... is going to be quite fun I think. πŸ˜…...
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  • Rouharu
    started a topic Lunar Shapeshifting and other basics

    Lunar Shapeshifting and other basics

    I am running a game which includes Lunars for the first time, and the use of them after the actual rules came out have been limited due to a pause in the games.

    So I have some questions which are a bit unclear:

    **Cost of Shapechange:** As I understand this, each change of Form (except for reverting to your True Form or changes that are performed as part of charms that follow other rules - such as DBT etc) costs 4 motes (potentially more if the form has mutations etc). These motes are committed while in the form. Changing from one form to another frees up the first commitment...
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