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  • Heavy Arms Spell progression is very clear: You get two spells as part of your advancement, and five spells when you take the trick. So there's no "backdating" spells -- I wrote it in that specific way because spellcasters could theoretically take those tricks after first level. However, I do cover spell slots in the official FAQ!

    Q: If my Guide allows cross-calling tricks, and I take a spellcasting trick, how do I calculate spell slots?
    A: If you take a trick that allows you to cast spells, you are considered a "spellcaster"...
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  • Have you checked out Pugmire, pp. 139-140? Some of your answers are there!

    "Time and money share a common theme within dog society: Neither concept is very precise."

    [cut money section]

    "Dogs have generally adopted the concept of a 24-hour day from Man, but they still haven’t mastered the Old Ones’ magic to track the passage of time with any accuracy. Thus, dogs use several very rough units of time. A day is the time from one sunrise to the next. Morning is the time when the sun is rising in the sky, evening is when the sun is lowering...
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  • Yup, there's nothing in "vanilla" Pugmire like that, but that bit on p. 168 is for people that want to introduce something akin to multiclassing. It's one of the reasons why "spellcasting" is a distinct trick -- so you can easily plop it into another Calling should you like.
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  • eddyfate
    commented on a Visitor Message From benk625
    * Glad you both had a good time!
    * Honestly, look everywhere for potential clients. Catalyst Game Labs, Green Ronin, and tons of indies often have either open calls for writers or published submission guidelines. Just do some searching online, which should help!
    * You've pretty much got the basics down -- just treat it like a business, and that should help. But if you're looking for advice on how to make it hurt less, I don't really have any. There's some truth to the stereotype that writers drink a lot.
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