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  • Correct! "You can add additional cities and villages within the area referenced in the provided map, but you cannot create new countries, continents, or other locations outside the detailed area."
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Ownership and License Questions
    Canis Minor is not an open game license. Beyond what is allowable with the OGL, content creators only have permission to use those unique game systems and background materials explicitly permitted by Canis Minor. Content creators are not allowed to use other material for original content unless they have a license to do so from Pugsteady and Onyx Path Publishing (which requires a separate agreement).

    If you’re still not sure about what you are allowed to publish, check the table below to see if...
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  • Canis Minor FAQ - Pugmire Community Content!

    Hello, good dogs! As we've talked about on the Kickstarter (and Gen Con, and PAX Unplugged, and Dragonmeet....) we're working on a program to allow people to create and sell Pugmire adventures, along with some other Pugmire-related projects! We're still finishing up the assets, but I wanted to pass along the guidelines and FAQ I wrote. If you have any additional questions or comments, post them here, and I may update the FAQ before it goes live. Thanks!

    “Canis Minor” Program Guidelines

    Your work can use any of the game system rules and terms found in the latest...
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  • It's something we're definitely interested in doing! However, we've been struggling to find someone who knows how to edit Roll20 stuff. If anyone here has such skills, feel free to contact Rich via the forums!
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