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  • Hark
    replied to Feeling Limited
    Honestly, you should embrace it. Limit break is supposed to be part of your character and whatever happens shouldn't be out of character so much as an extreme of your character reacting badly to stress. The hardest part of limit break is accepting it. Once you've done that your character can grow from it.
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  • Aspirations
    Breaking points
    Social Maneuvering
    Down and Dirty Combat
    All weapons deal lethal damage.

    I'm sure there are a thousand little things I don't pick up on a quick scroll through of the Chronicles of Darkness PDF. The core mechanics changed and in some cases rather dramatically. The fact that you don't recognize this tells me you either never played the old rules or have long history of playing fast and loose with the rules and so don't really know them.

    Either way you are not being...
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  • Look the big difference between the two is one version I have players willing to play and the other I do not. Beyond that it does not matter.
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  • Hark
    started a topic Bringing Mage 2e improvements into Mage 1e

    Bringing Mage 2e improvements into Mage 1e

    For various reasons I'm not a fan of the core rules on which Mage 2e is built, my players even more so. However, I also recognize that some large improvements have been made to Mage's mechanics in 2e.

    I was wondering what mechanics and ideas people feel translate well from Mage 2e back to Mage 1e. What works, what doesn't, etc. Obviously, I'd prefer changes that require little to no work to translate.
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