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  • Could a werewolf survive a petrol tanker explosion

    Its a rather specific question but one likely to come up in the game i'm running. Its a hard one to answer as, how much damage does a petrol tanker explosion even do? I'm pretty bad at the raw sciences so its a tough one, a lot comes to mind, and likely a napalm like continuous burning effect I imagine, but then again its petrol not oil so what would I know.

    The plan is to reflex shift into Gharou at the point of explosion, so the auto healing per turn will at least be in effect, as will the Armor (does that even help here?) and the extra health. I'm generally curious what people...
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  • MysticJackal
    started a topic Elders: How do you stat them?

    Elders: How do you stat them?

    This is a question that I don't think there is a correct answer. It will change from game to game, from location to location, but I still found it a hard question to answer. According to the core book an Elder starts with 25 bonus exp. While that's a nice amount, it'd hardly all that an elder. It takes 15 Exp alone to master 1 in clan discipline from 0 to 5. And that's not considering blood potency, merits, skills etc. The Thousand Years of Night is a fantastic book, and it certainly deals with vampires with a lot more Exp.

    So my question is more how do each of you like to stat elders?
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