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  • pcontop
    replied to The Culture
    I have to say something about the idea that minds all somwhow all-knowing and all-adapting. First thing, the Culture Minds have been fooled and blindsided by non-hyperintelligent minds several times (Hidrogen Sonata, Use of Weapons, Matter), and have had a hard time facing other cultures with similar thecnological weapons but no minds (Consider Phlebas and such). In the world of the Culture, being hyperintelligent is great, but is not omniscience, even more so with the ethical restrictions minds have for completely simulating another intelligence's thought-processs (where is the point where a...
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  • pcontop
    replied to How does the Wild Hunt ever Corner Lunars?
    Turnabout is about fair. Lunars can also hunt.

    There is a couple of lunars that have this modus operandi: one of them is bait, making an 'easy' target for the wyld hunt. She is an expert in creating just enough trouble to get the wyld hunt coming, but not really enough to justify a sideral assassin (there are a handful of these available at any time). Let's call her Target.

    When the wyld hunt comes, the lunar 'dies', with help of Ebon Shadow and such trickery (it seems that Lunars have other fake-death effects on the Stamina preview today). One of the shikari suggests...
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