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  • I'll admit, I raised an eyebrow at the bit where the Great Houses turned up their noses at graduates of Pasiap's Stair. Like, they're part of a rare group of superhumans who have been trained since childhood to be really good at waging war. Why would you, in a time when civil war was imminent, not want as many in your employ as possible? The possibility that they might be more loyal to the Empress than your house doesn't strike me as that big a threat when there's no Empress to be loyal to. And surely, if you hand them a position of responsibility, treat them with respect, and pay them well (and...
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  • I'm not sure you could call the Doyen psiads, though, even if you were using the broader definition of "naturally occurring psion." Because they are extensively genetically engineered. They just stopped short of whatever the final stage of psi power happened to be.
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