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  • I'd go for the year 1275 - keeping the tradition of upping the date with every edition. Also, Dark Ages have always been a bit schizophrenic, so to speak - blending late medieval weapons and armor, tournamanets, urbanization and other things (Hanseatic League) with high medieval historical events (especially the Crusades in Palestine and Egypt). 1275 seems like a decent compromize between these things.

    Have a weapons armor list that actually matches the time!

    Focus on the dicotomy of the clans and the different directions they are being pulled in. For example, the...
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  • It was one of my best LARP experiences....
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  • Official Convention of Thorns is back!

    So, some years ago, Dzioback LARP Studios did a Convention of Thorns LARP in cooperation with White Wolf. IIRC, they did three runs, before the company sadly folded. I was at the first (my profile pic is from that game) and had tickets for the one that got cancelled.

    But now, it is back, run by Turbolarp - one of the founders of which was heavily involved with the previous Convention of Thorns LARPs.

    It takes place in an actual f'ing castle and it was an amazing experience.
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