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  • Piggy backing on this to emphasize that this isn't just for the gunpowder. The infrastructure needed to reliably produce semi-automatic and automatic weapons en masse is fairly complex as well.

    It takes exact machining, as well as a steady supply of quality raw materials, which is a feat in and of itself.

    Combine that level of societal collapse (present in the show) with a societal armistice (also present in the show) and the setting is fairly believable in my opinion. Then throwing Aberrant fuel on this fire, all you would need is them using quantum to foul the most...
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  • I think you run into a clash of tone, so kinda like some other WW crossover conversations (*cough* Exalted v the WoD *cough*), you have to make a call on which "Unified Field Theory"/Cosmology/Hooky Dooky Voodoo reigns supreme and slot the other into that.

    I think there is space for conspiracy theory psychics (Eleven from Stranger Things) and mutants (various cryptids/CHUDs freak accident folks tales etc) in the World of Darkness (not a WoD buff, but I'm pretty sure you could slot this into your preferred WoD).

    If you go the other way, you have to match Trinity...
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  • MoroseMorgan
    replied to Health Points
    So the Storypath stress and conditions tracks are heavily inspired by FATE. The idea is to model action/adventure/thriller movies. Stress are the events that set the hero back in the scene, but don't really persist for the rest of the movie/show. The least condition is the setback that maybe persists for a scene or two, with the greater and greater conditions having lasting impacts of the story.
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