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  • Thanks, Tytalus . I'll give these a look-see. I think my first expansion will be some specialty tables so that Technocrats, Nephandi, Werewolves, etc may have some custom tables but this looks swell.
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  • I'm not familiar. Link? Could be neat, though. :-D

    I wanted to see what I could do from whole cloth and then use Fiasco's licensing to make it available....
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  • Randomly Generating Story Seeds for Mage

    I'm working on a Storyteller Vault supplement on story seeding which is a method where one uses randomly generated character connections, items, places, and needs to get a story going or add one to a story going. It's based on the method used to get started in Fiasco. A storyteller picks some number of characters and starts randomly generating choices about their relationships until they feel a story falls out.

    Comments in the documents are enabled if anyone has any thoughts or reply here.

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  • To me, a character at this level can do things like:
    -Create large scale changes in subconscious feelings towards things
    -Exhibit almost arbitrary technopathy
    -Detect cosmic phenomenon through how they affect flow of forces far subtler than mortal science (detect hawking radiation)
    -Dispel quantum randomness - Generate systems that function perfectly without flaw even when intruded on by outside forces (meissner effect something something)
    -Create next level meta materials like room temperature semi conductors or room temperature stable ice
    -Thumb through the...
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  • I feel this depends on the degree to which Nephandus is a sign of allegiance vs a descriptor. A Technocrat is a member of the Technocratic Union but there are technomancers outside of its walls. Magick based on negation or fraying the walls of reality could be Qlippothic without someone being a formal member of a sect. There are probably "orphan" infernalists, malfeans, and worshippers of the outer things that could use something that would certainly look like Qlippothic magic without being a member of one of the formal Nephandi groups.
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  • Switching seats. Yeah, revised and M20 offered multiple specialty spheres....
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  • Switching Seats - Changing Specialty Spheres

    If each Tradition had to have a different seat/specialty sphere, what would it be?

    One option:
    Akashics - Life, perfection of the self, perfect of arts
    Celestial Chorus - Correspondence, we are all connected through the shards of the One
    Cult of Ecstasy - Mind, experience is what we make of it
    Dreamspeakers - Entropy, the break down of things is a force more primal than all others
    Euthanatoi - Time, see how fate unfolds allows us to keep the wheel turning smoothly
    Order of Hermes - Spirit, masters of the arcane and protocol
    Sons of Ether -...
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  • I could see the losing faction in the NWO/Syndicate war not necessarily leaving but becoming almost a 5th player in the Ascension War. Sure, they'd try to drum up allies but I'm not sure if this would be directly vying for ascension so much as wanting to remove another piece from the board. Syndicate members tend to make friends quickly and the NWO strikes me as a group that has some very useful things to offer.

    If the Syndicate were to leave, I'm not sure where that'd put the VEs. At the end of the day, the Technocracy simply has the better tools to protect reality.
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  • Yeah, the "Rich Bastard's Guide to Magick" seems to have been shelved. Brucato mentioned that some of the shelved products may appear on the ST Vault with him as the author. Curious to see if this happens. *crosses fingers*...
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  • Another option would be to grab another gaming system that doesn't necessarily run counter to Mage. My first thought would be to have a character that's something like a golem or such from Promethean or, if you're looking for more of a thematic inclusion, Scion. A mortal character that's part of a divine lineage with potent, nigh paradox-free access to some shard of divinity.
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