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  • Kalendeer
    replied to Your Black Metamorphosis
    I don't think so, it's an Obtenebration thing so unless you rule out that only Lasombra can have this discipline, any character may do it.

    A fourth Lasombra on our campaign as a form that is shifting all the time and formless. Unsurprisingly, he was never allowed to really grow into his own guy by his powerful, sadistic sire. Now that she is gone he may actually start to define his own Metamorphosis to suit his own tastes!
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  • Depends how vampires actually get out of the coffin. Are they discovered by humans? Did the Inner Circle of the Camarilla decide to reveal their existence? Did the Anarchs do it? How does that play out with the Sabbat?

    In one of our alternate setting, the Sabbat was much weaker, and there were "progressive" Camarilla Tzimisces working with some young Tremeres to create a virus that would enrich animal blood to allow all vampires except the oldest to drink animal blood nightly. Their idea was that, should the Masquerade be broken, mortals would find vampires more palatable...
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  • A Gehenna story : Tales of the Death of the Worm

    So, my friends and I have been STing in turn, and my games are usually dealing with the Tremere&Saulot plot. The Siege of Vienna plot is a very big one that now includes several groups, at several levels of power. We have finished one of the biggest chapter of the Chronicle last week and I though I could share our campaign's story with you. You will find below everything that happened before the Los Angeles plot, which I will add soon!

    Dark Age Prelude: the Priory of Damabiah and the Living Blood of Saulot
    1155. Saulot has been dead for twenty years and his Childe, Damabiah,...
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  • We managed to balance a lot of things by scraping half the combat system to merge it with our own (we are currently working on our own RPG game and thanksfully, our system is compatible in places), reworked Celerity, Potence and Fortitude, and now we're having fights that are much more interesting.
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