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  • Rat- Rat
    Ox- Heng-115
    Tiger- Bya-Akko the White Tiger-SG2-81, Tiger-Heng-115
    Rabbit- Rabbit-W2-80, Hare-Wisdom-Wolf-52, Hare-Heng-114
    Dragon-PG1-167, PG2-160, Mokole-63, Seiryuu the Azure Dragon-SG2-81, Ngalyod the Rainbow Serpent-Aust-137, Green Dragon-Wyrm1-77 & Wyrm2-103, Uktena
    Snake- Adder-PGG-137, Anaconda-Amazon-113, Cobra-SS2-84, Rattlesnake-West-287
    Goat-PG2-123, PGG-142
    Monkey-Monkey King-GW1-54, GW2-82, Ika-Ika the Monkey King-Bastet-142
    Dog- Heng-114, World-32
    Pig/Boar- F1-51, GoF1-50,...
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  • There are Dingos, most Australian born Lupus Garou are born of them. They aren't part of the Bunyip because Dingos didn't appear on the continent until much later.

    Non-Asian kitsune don't appear because the breed is young and they draw their root from the Far East. They have taken part almost exclusively in the Beast Courts til now. Their breeding issues also makes expansion very difficult.

    No excuse on the last point. Their are still true wild Boars/Wart Hogs and Bovine to this day....
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  • Derzhuzad
    replied to Weaver Minions
    My game had the 'One-Song Singers'. They were my version of the Weavers BSD. They are the Cyber Dogs 2.0. After their failure, they continued in secret improving themselves until the spirit of Nanotechnology was born. With its guidance they were able to perfect their cyberneticism to the point they they are no longer bound to one form after their 'ascension'. Kind of transformers beast wars kind of shapeshifting. All of the tribes fetishes are 'upgrades' to their base systems and are basically their version of mutations which do manifest visually just like BSD. They function IC pretty much like...
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