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  • If we look at it from a historic perspective, think about the Nation as Britain. When they started out to conquer new lands they managed to take Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Australia among other smaller grabs here and there. Eventually one those factions broke away from the first and in time the others did as well. Sure, they are all still allies but each primarily focuses on it corner of the world and their are always political barriers that need to be hurdled.

    So, I have to agree with Aya to some degree. Right now the garou tribes may not like one another and their...
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  • No tribe. Make them Ronin following a random spirit/bane of the area. Maybe some Uktena died and the Bane he was tending called out to these lost souls who now follow him. I have a write up somewhere for a whole new wyrm tribe based on this concept.
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  • Derzhuzad
    replied to Mantis: Rebirth
    I think you should model them after the Ananasi. They should be cold and emotionally detached like the Weaver makes all of its followers, this means Rage is not viable. They should have a Blood pool and use it the same way as the spiders. Since silver/gold allergy is tied to Rage they wouldn't have any weaknesses just like the Ananasi.

    They should probably have the same 4 forms as well and I wouldn't change the stats on them but I would enforce the stat difference for male versus female.

    They wouldn't have Web or Venom but I would give them more defined scythe-like arms...
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