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    replied to How complicated should Infernals be?
    Personally I loved infernals in 2nd edition, Fae have always been my favourites in Exalted but if picking from Exalted only my 1st edition favourites were DB’s followed by Abyssals, enough so that they were the only Exalt type I played as long as the ST would agree. But then again my tumpata favourite thing with them was dice head long into a single Yozi Charm set, picking up only a few necessarily or particularly suitable Charms from the other sets. Yes it left me with certain vulnerabilities but it also gave me fun and interesting characters that really needed to manipulate the conditions...
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  • I have always loved Exalteds Fair Folk even if their rules have been a tai on the difficult side. I really liked 2nd edition revised Charm set for them as it finally allowed them to use their entire, mostly at least, Charm set both in the Wyld and within Creation.

    In first edition our greatest duel was between an npc cataprachtoi and a PC abyssal, a duel far deadline than any duels versus various Exalted that said Abyssal had previously fought. And it left a still enduring respect towards the Fae at our table.

    So then. What would I wish from the Fae of 3rd edition? Fae...
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