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  • Well Tari, the basic idea was that all pigs have a small amount of Grondr blood in them due to the breeding practices of early humanity and pigs getting out into the wild ever since then. These "Hogzilla" are the result of unusually high concentrations of that genetic heritage in their blood which results in bigger and more primal hogs. The Red Talons noticed this, and started encouraging breeding between the bigger specimens in hopes they'd manifest more of the kinfolk traits.

    And the intent was to have it come off as a bit of a pipe dream at best, the Red Talons are doing...
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  • Autochthon
    started a topic Grondr: Something in the swamp

    Grondr: Something in the swamp

    "The Grondr are dead, we killed them to the last, then fed their kinfolk to the humans. Its one of the most...unpleasant chapters of our people, few Human armies in even the most disturbing dictatorships can claim to of literally fed the children of the conquered to the next country over." - Susan Mangrove, Child of Gaia, Galliard

    "Hearing that story almost makes you want to grow those hair loops, put on one of those funny skullcaps, and spend every Saturday in temple"-Runs in Cool Shadows, Nuswisha Umbral Danser

    Among the Garou, Galliards...
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